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चंद सिक्कों की कीमत अगर न समझ तुम्हे आतीवो सिक्के किसी रिक्शा वाले को दे कर तो देखो।होती क्या है कीमत सर पे एक छत की ,किसी बेघर से चंद बोल बाँट कर तो देखो।

Certainly Uncertain

Voltaire once said that ‘Doubt is an uncomfortable position, but Certainty is a ridiculous one’. If you read this, you would either call Voltaire a crazy person or you would be certainly uncertain of the meaning of the quote. Now, I am certainly not an expert in knowing thing, and neither have I read too … Continue reading Certainly Uncertain

Brother (Or A Tale of Betrayal)

Brother, O’ brother!Forgive me, I have failed you.Trapped you as a sacrifice At the altar of their worship,My greed knew no kinship. Brother, O’ Brother!Born from the same womb,We fished in the same pond.Over you I chose my religion,With my hand, I dug your tomb. Brother, O’ Brother!Peaceful in your eternal sleep.Stabbed by his blood, … Continue reading Brother (Or A Tale of Betrayal)

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